Fukuoka Marathon 2016

Jaimie’s Blog – Fukuoka Marathon

Hi everyone, as I may have mentioned once or twice I’m trying to get people interested in joining the Fukuoka Marathon with me and so far we have 10 people taking part.

Of course taking on a full marathon is a big commitment, so if you think that is too much why not try the fun run instead?
I will of course be training by myself so if anyone ever feels like joining me at 6:30 by Muromi river let me know but I won’t be holding my breath. I thought it would be nice if we could get some group training on the go too so I will be in Ohori park this Saturday morning at 11:30 a.m for anyone who is interested. My schedule is pretty full but I’ll always let you know in advance when I can make some time at the weekends.
無論私は自分で練習をするつもりでして、室見川そば、 (午前) 6時30分からの私の練習に、もしどなたか加わりたければお知らせを、まあ、私が黙ってはいないでしょうけど。グループでの練習もいつもできたらいいなと思いますので、今週は土曜午前11時30分、大濠公園に私はいます。興味のある方はどなたでも加わって下さいね。私のスケジュールはかなりぎっしりですけれど、週末に時間が取れるときは必ず前もってお知らせします。

Of course you don’t have to join the marathon to come and train in the park with us, if you just feel like shedding a few kilos or getting in shape for the summer you are of course more than welcome.

For anyone who is really thinking of running the marathon in November I’d like it if we were connected by the Nike running application which you can download for free on your smartphone. That way we can chart each other’s progress and as I learned from last year competition (namely Tim) is a great motivator.
11月のマラソンで走ることを本気でお考えの方とは、スマートフォンに無料ダウンロードできる、ナイキのランナー用アプリでつながれたらいいなと思います。そうすれば互いの上達をグラフで見ることができ、去年の競争 (つまりティムと) で学べたんですが、これはすごくいい動機づけになります。

It may seem early but it took me ages to get in shape last year so I think the sooner the better. The application period is from the 18th of April to the 23rd of May.

So if you have any questions please get in touch.